A lap underneath the Jesus Racing XY GT

Check out this footage from underneath the Jesus Racing Ford XYGT at Winton. The Supashock shocks are working overtime and still doing a great job! You can also see the consequence of not having brake ducts after ours were ripped off in the previous session – extremely hot brake discs!  

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Lap of Bathurst in the XY GT

Check out this lap of Bathurst on board with Fishtail in the Jesus Racing XY GT in the Touring Car Masters series 2014.

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Sydney Men’s Event Hope 103.2 Radio Advertisement

Jesus Racing has partnered with Sydney’s Hope 103.2 to promote the “Life in the Fastlane” Men’s event on Wed 4th Dec and has produced this radio advertisement. Hope Radio Advert

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Race 3 Report from the Sandown 500 2013 – Jesus Racing

After qualifying in 20th position, Fishtail was happy to finish race 3 in P6.  

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Race 2 Report from the Sandown 500 – Jesus Racing

After being relocated back to 11th position on the starting grid for Race 2, Fishtail had a good battle to bring the Jesus Racing ute home in 5th position at Sandown.  

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Race 1 Report from Jesus Racing – Sandown 500 2013

An eventful race saw Fishtail move up to 12th position after starting in P20.  

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Qualifying Report – Sandown 500 from Jesus Racing

After a broken rear shock absorber, Fishtail finished qualifying in P20.  

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Practice 2 Report – Sandown 500 from Jesus Racing

After flat-spotting a tyre on lap 2, Fishtail did not get the most out of the car but still had good pace in Practice 2 at the Sandown 500.  

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Sandown 500 Practice 1 complete – hear Fishtails report here!

Fishtail reports in from the Sandown500 after Practice 1 in the Auto One V8 Ute Championship!  

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Fishtail Reports from Clipsal- Practice Session Day 1

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Race 1 Homebush 2012

Race Two Homebush 2012

Race 3 Homebush

Practice Two at Winton

Practice 1 at Winton

Fishtail on Race Three at Winton 2012

Fishtail Reports on Day 1 at Winton

Fishtail Wraps Up the Gold Coast 600

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Fishtail’s Report – Day 2 of the Gold Coast 600

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Fishtail’s Report from Day One at the Gold Coast 600

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Introducing the new Deni Ute Muster Version of the Jesus Ute

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Interview on 6PR

Andrew chats on Perth radio station 6PR

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Jesus Racing Promo Video

Jesus Racing Promo Video 

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6PR- Perth Interview

Listen to Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher chat on 6PR in Perth  

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Round One 2012 Auto One V8 Ute Series

Click here for coverage in Round One

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Fishtail wraps up Round Three from Bagaballo in Perth.

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Day Two – Round Three Videos

Check out the latest video from Fishtail in Perth   Hear Fishtail talk to Wade and James from the V8 Ute Series….   All the news from Day Two of Round Three of the V8 Ute Series in Perth…straight from the horse’s (or Fishtail’s) mouth!

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Day One in Perth

Check out all the action from Barabagallo in Perth…Day 1  

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A chat with Gloria Jean’s Competition winners at Symmons Plains Tasmania

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More info from Symmonds Plains Tasmania. April 2012

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Fishtail talks about Symmons Plains on Sunday Morning

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More News From Symmons Plains- Saturday afternoon

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Satruday News from Symmons Plains

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All Fishtail’s News from Day One at Symmons Plains March 30, 2012  

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Footage of the crash at Sandown

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Sandown – Race 3 Update

This video is a duplicate of a previously uploaded video    

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Sandown – Race 2 Update

Sandown – Race 1 Update

Sandown – Qualifier Update

Sandown Practice 2 Update

Sandown – Practice 1 Update

Gold Coast – Day 3 Update

Gold Coast – Day 1 Update

Gold Coast – Race 1 Update

Bathurst – Race 1 Update

Bathurst – Race 2 Update

Bathurst – Day 1 Update

Bathurst – Day 2 Update

Townsville – Day One Update

Townsville – Race 2 Update

Jesus Racing – Bathurst 1000 intro

Jesus Racing V8 Supercar Enduro Highlights

Jesus Racing – Compassion

Jesus Racing V8 Ute – Winton Highlights

Jesus Racing at Kings School Compass

Jesus Racing Team – Darwin 2010

Jesus Racing – Bathurst Crash